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Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf - No. 2
Series Editor: Ed Ricardo

Shake, Rattle and Rain
Popular Music in Manchester, 1955-1995
C P Lee

All roads lead to Rome, but in this book they lead to Manchester, specifically its music scene. C P Lee, author of 'Like the Night: Bob Dylan and the road to the Manchester Free Trade Hall', charts the emergence and development of a phenomenon that has brought the world artists and performers such as 10cc, Inspiral Carpets, John Mayall, New Order, Oasis, Simply Red and The Smiths, to name but a few.

Combining oral history and personal observation, this book provides an invaluable insight into what has made Manchester such an innovative creative music centre over the last five decades - from Beat clubs to the Hacienda, from Music Force to Factory Records, the Summer of Love and beyond. It includes a chapter putting Bob Dylan into the context of the Manchester music scene and fits the needs of the series Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf by providing the kind of background on Manchester that will attract anyone interested in Bob Dylan's early years.

CP Lee is a lecturer in Cultural Studies in the School of Media, Music & Performance at the University of Salford. Before that he was a founder member of Mancunian Rock iconoclasts Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias. He has written two books on Bob Dylan, published by Helter Skelter, and numerous articles on a variety of other topics for magazines and other media. He is a frequent contributor to BBC Radio and still plays music on a regular basis.
Published 26 October 2002 - 340 pages 9" x 6"

ISBN 1-84382-048-X Hardback 35.00 US$55.00
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ISBN 1-84382-049-8 Paperback 17.95 US$27.95
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Available in Manchester from the Cornerhouse Bookshop, Oxford Street.