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Yes, I was walkin' down the street one day and I just saw her sitting there on a shelf
Yes, I was just walkin' down the street one day and I saw her sitting there all alone on a shelf
Right away she gave my shoes to her mother
But she kept all my bread for herself.                     -- Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf

Series Editor: Ed Ricardo

The EDLIS series Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf exists to make available research work that could easily be overlooked by bigger publishers but is invaluable to research scholars, collectors, enthusiasts and concert goers interested in the works of Bob Dylan and related areas.

The series will present work that may have existed in another form, such as webpages,an out of print book, a circulating samizdat publication, or simply in someone’s imagination. No idea is too obscure, no detail too minute, no thought too strange, to be considered for this series. Its range shall be as great as the range of topics covered in Mr Dylan’s own works. If you have a suggestion for the series e-mail our esteemed editor, the well known Ed Ricardo, Havana’s foremost Bob Dylan connoisseur, concert goer and a long term member of EDLIS, the hard to pin down anarchical group responsible for so little but behind so much. He places his head above the parapet hoping for your support, but expecting rain.

The first title in the series is Olof's Files: A Bob Dylan Performance Guide , based on the famous chronicles Olof Björner has been compiling and revising for years. The second is Shake, Rattle and Rain by Like The Night author C P Lee.