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Synapsia Series


The International Brain Club Journal

Editor-in-Chief: Tony Buzan

Synapsia is the cutting-edge flagship publication of the International Brain Club. Now the collected brainpower of a decade of contributions under the aegis of Tony Buzan, who has also made many such contributions himself in these pages, has been gathered together in four volumes. A unique record of work by some of the world's most stimulating thinkers, as well as of momentous events, such as the background story to the 1993 World Chess Championship, when Garry Kasparov broke away from the World Chess Federation to launch his own match, of the very first Man v Machine World Championship, when Dr Marion Tinsley defeated the Chinook Supercomputer, of memory feats that will defy belief, but above all advice and encouragement as to how the reader can personally achieve such towering mental achievements for her or himself.

Synapsia was originally published between 1989 and 1998 in thirty parts. It is now brought together in four convenient volumes, reprinted in its entirety, complete with contemporary advertisements.

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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
Synapsia 1 Buzan, Tony (Editor-in-chief) 1843821117 £18.00 $30.00
Synapsia 2 Buzan, Tony (Editor-in-chief) 1843821125 £18.00 $30.00
Synapsia 3 Buzan, Tony (Editor-in-chief) 1843821133 £20.00 $32.00
Synapsia 4 Buzan, Tony (Editor-in-chief) 1843821141 £22.00 $35.00

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