Hardinge Simpole

Hardinge Simpole Classic Openings Series

Some openings books last the test of time. Others are mere compilations of moves in fashion at any given moment, with as much claim on posterity as this year's telephone directory.

In distinction, the true classics innovate, explain and elucidate in a manner which will always remain fresh. The Hardinge Simpole Classic Chess Openings series consists of such works.

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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
Openings in Modern Theory and Practice, The Keene, Raymond 0951375784 £16.95 $19.95
Modern Chess Theory 1980-1981 Keene, Raymond (editor) 1843820544 £19.95 $29.95
Modern Chess Theory 1981-1982 Keene, Raymond (editor) 1843820552 £15.95 $24.95
Two Opening Repertoires for White - Volume 1 Keene, Raymond 1843821095 £14.95 $23.95
Two Opening Repertoires for White - Volume 2 Keene, Raymond and Jacobs, Byron 1843821109 £13.95 $22.95
Modern Defence, The Keene, Raymond, and Botterill, George S. 1843821168 £15.95 $25.50
English 1...P-K4 Watson, John L. 1843821443 £19.95 $34.95
English 1...N-KB3 Systems Watson, John L. 1843821451 £12.95 $19.95
English 1...P-QB4 Watson, John L. 184382146x £24.95 $39.95
English: Franco, Slav and Flank Defences Watson, John L. 1843821478 £12.95 $19.95
Symmetrical English 1...c5 Watson, John L. 1843821486 £17.95 $29.95
Modern Chess Theory 1978 Keene, Raymond (editor) 1843821516 £22.95 $39.95
Modern Chess Theory 1979 Keene, Raymond (editor) 1843821524 £27.95 $49.95

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