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Cambridge Buddhist Institute Series

Series Editor: R.C. Jamieson, University of Cambridge

The Series exists to make available research work that could easily be overlooked by larger publishers but is of use to research scholars in the field of Buddhism and related areas. Some titles are new works which have not been available in any form before. Some titles stem from theses or dissertations and have reached the degree standard of the institution awarding the degree. Some of these have been extensively revised, and some are reproduced much as they were written. There are no restrictions with regard to where the university might be, what language the work is in, or the date of the degree. Some books in the series are reprints, long out of print and often they will have been books not widely distributed when first published. This will make available books that would otherwise be difficult to obtain but are of importance to research scholars in the field of Buddhism and related areas.

For reprints and new editions there are no restrictions with regard to where an original edition was published or its language. We would like to encourage suggestions for reprinting books for the series in languages, as well as from places of publication, that are under-represented. Most scholars working in any field know one or two titles that many would want to have but which are only found in the best research libraries and not always in all of them.

Feel free to suggest titles we should consider by e-mailing cbi@edlis.org

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Title Author ISBN UK Price US Price
Rendition Techniques in the Chinese Translation of Three Sanskrit Buddhist Scriptures Chen, Shu-Fen 1843820706 £35.00 $55.00
Buddhism and Rock Lachmann, Sylvia 1843820765 £25.00 $40.00
Buddhism in Bellingham Kingsbury, Caroline 1843821427 £24.95 $39.50

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