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Bobby Hackett: His Life In Music
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By Hulme, George and Whyatt, Bert
ISBN 1843822237
Paperback  668 pages
Published 31 January 2015
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US Price $60.00   

Published on the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Jazz musician Bobby Hackett - 'one of the finest natural musicians in the business' according to Muggsy Spanier - who began his career in the 1930s; it ended with his death in 1976.

An extensively researched discography of the vast number of recorded sessions in which Hackett took part during these decades forms the essential core of this substantial book.

It is prefaced with the fascinating biographical insights gathered from the articles, reviews, news stories, meetings and interviews which the editors accumulated as they worked, and illustrated throughout with contemporary photographs, advertising, and record labels and covers.

Detailed indexes feature both the famous and the influential - Louis Armstrong, Eddie Condon, Jackie Gleason, Horace Heidt, Glenn Miller, Lee Wiley among them - and the lesser-known working musicians and artists of the era.

Prompted by Hackett's death, this work of research started with hand-written index cards, and progressing through typewriters and several generations of word processors and computer operating systems, this is a realisation not only of Bobby Hackett's life in music, and place in a period of musical history, but also of an enthusiasm sustained through personal acquisitions, friendships and travel - and listening to a lot of jazz!

George Hulme was editor of Matrix Jazz Record Magazine from 1958 to its closure in 1976. The Discophile magazine was taken over by Matrix when it closed down. He was compiler of many discographies from 1948 onwards that were published as separate documents or within magazines. He also contributed hundreds of articles and reviews to international magazines. He was editor for Red Bank Special, the magazine of the International Count Basie Society for over 20 years. He was a major contributor to Jazz Records 1942- (Jepson edition) and 1962- (Raben edition).

Bert Whyatt (1920-2013) is the author of Muggsy Spanier: The Lonesome Road (A Biography and Discography), Jazzology Press and, with Sonny McGown, The Jump Records story: A discography, IAJRC. He contributed over 800 articles to Jazz magazines between 1952 and 2013.

Also available in hardback.

'If you ever loved my Dad's music this is a MUST read!!!' -- Ernie Hackett

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