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Brussels OHRA Tournament, 1986, The
Chess on TV
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By Keene, Raymond, and others
ISBN 1843821303
Paperback  288 pages
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Published 26 April, 2004
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First published in 1987. Brussels 1986 was a ground breaking event in many respects. It was Kasparov's first tournament after his gruelling series of marathons against Anatoly Karpov for the world title, and it was the first major tournament televised by the BBC and containing commentary by the players themselves. The majority of the notes are by Grandmaster Ray Keene but readers will also find analysis by Kasparov and others of the greats involved, including Nigel Short and Viktor Korchnoi.

This event contains Short's sensational first-ever win against Kasparov which gave notice that Nigel would go on to become a world title challenger himself. Ultimately Kasparov blew away the field and won a double round event by a substantial margin. The games are razor sharp - indeed double edged - and Kasparov's cliff-hanging battle with Korchnoi - recreated blow by blow for television - has to be seen to be believed!

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