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Olof's Files 10
A Bob Dylan Performance Guide
By Bjoerner, Olof
ISBN 184382034x
SERIES Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf
Paperback  376 pages
Subject [Music ] [Folk music ] [Contemporary popular music ] [Rock & pop ] [Performing music ]
Published February 2003
UK Price £27.95   
US Price $49.50   

Can one really talk of a Bob Dylan come back? He had after all been touring excessively during the last ten years and released a number of records. Still, it seemed so long since we heard a contemporary Bob Dylan song. Then, along came 1997, and suddenly Bob Dylan had a media presence unlike almost anything else before, at least since the previous come back in 1974 and the tour with The Band. Of course, a heart attack (at least that was what it seemed to be initially) may not be the ideal way to start a come back, but combined with a new album packed with strong new songs that's what it in fact turned out to be! It led to a number of awards topped by three Grammies and into a new vital decade of The Never-Ending Tour.

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