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Olof's Files 8
A Bob Dylan Performance Guide
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By Bjoerner, Olof
ISBN 1843820307
SERIES Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf
Paperback  340 pages
Subject [Music ] [Folk music ] [Contemporary popular music ] [Rock & pop ] [Performing music ]
Published November 2002
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Some say that the 20th century ended when the Iron Curtain dissolved and Germany was re-united. During these years Dylan too proved that the times really had changed. Who would have thought that Bob Dylan would be part of a presidential inauguration concert? Who would have thought that he would have to team up with another artist and do a joint tour to secure ticket sales? Who would have thought that he would allow the use of his songs in commercials? Who would have thought that he would record specially for MTV dressed in a 1966 outfit? But all these things happened in 1993 and 1994, and a lot of other things too.

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