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Olof's Files 11
A Bob Dylan Performance Guide
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By Bjoerner, Olof
ISBN 1843820226
SERIES Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf
Paperback  416 pages
Subject [Music ] [Folk music ] [Contemporary popular music ] [Rock & pop ] [Performing music ]
Published October 2002
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US Price $49.50   

As the millennium drew to a close and we were reading about all the computer breakdowns that were expected, Bob Dylan continued his trekking around the world on the Never-Ending Tour. There were no signs of slowing down at all. These years Dylan tried to keep the punter's attention by teaming up with artists like Paul Simon and Phil Lesh. And we were of course all waiting for a new Bob Dylan album, another Time Out Of Mind was in most people's minds, but nothing was delivered, instead there was a flood of best-of type of releases. So there is really not much spectacular to report from these years. Oh yes, the shows kept getting better and better, especially when they were not part of a marketing package. Many regard the late 2000 shows as the best during the Never-Ending tour. But we tend to say that every year don't we?

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