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An Incompleat Angler
A Fishing Autobiography
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By Hardinge, George
ISBN 1843820161
Hardback  Previously published by Michael Joseph  200 pages
Subject [20th century ] [Essays, journals, letters etc ] [Biography: literary ] [Fishing, angling ]
Published December 2003
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US Price $39.95   

"to a receptive person, what you get out of fishing is infinitely more than fish. For that reason I believe that neither size nor numbers should matter much; fishing should be the exercise of your skill - and its main reward the spot it brings you to. If these are not your main objectives, then you don't know fishing." From Going Fishing by Negley Farson.

Lord Hardinge of Penshurst (1921-1997) was a publisher, mostly of crime fiction, and himself wrote seven crime novels under the pseudonym of George Milner. He was a keen and expert salmon fisherman for over 50 years, in many parts of the British Isles and Northern Europe. An Incompleat Angler is widely recognised as a fishing classic, and even today receives frequent mentions in fishing publications. This edition is a reprint of the original, with a new introduction by Lord Hardinge's son, Charles, and includes the drawings by Chow Yeats-Brown omitted from the original.

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